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Winter Weddings

When planning your wedding, the time of year that you choose to get married can impact your overall wedding budget. The winter time is such a wonderful time of year to get married. The romantic candle light and the rich colours that can be incorporated into your theme can really help make your wedding day truly special.

It is certainly a period of the year when you can be as opulent and dramatic as you wish. The period between Christmas and New Year in particular is a time when many people take time off work, so when better to opt for a mid week wedding? This will save you lots of money, compared to a weekend wedding and most of your guests will not have to take annual leave. Even better still, the savings in flowers could be huge!

Most venues will be decorated for Christmas. Beautiful trees, sparkly fairy lights and Christmas wreaths, will all give a lustre of decadence without you having to pay out for lavish floral displays.

Photo courtesy of Ben Stirling Photography